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Paul Mondo operates three Bimbi Day Care centres across Melbourne. Paul uses Tanda to manage his timesheets and payroll for his team of 48 staff, across all three sites.


My name is Paul Mondo, I am a Child Care Center Op Provider and I have three child care centres all in Melbourne. I also serve currently as President of the Australian Child Care Alliance Victoria. My systems were very manual previously. I’ve had some rapid growth in my business. So I went from 10 staff to 48 staff in a 12 month period, and the systems I had in place for 10 staff certainly weren’t suitable when managing payroll and timesheets for 48.

Within a month of changing to Tanda, I literally had hours in my day spare after just changing to the automated system that Tanda allows for. Initially, it was a bit of a change and culture shock to the system. But the support from the team at Tanda has helped to make it a far easier experience than what it could’ve been. Once we worked through the first payroll cycle, it tended to flow pretty smoothly, and the staff have taken great pleasure in having electronic clock in rather than signing in. In fact, there’s been a lot fewer occasions where staff have forgotten to sign in, than what would’ve happened if they were still using manual timesheets.

The best aspect for me personally is that managing three sites. I can’t physically see and be everywhere at one time. Tanda with the provision for photos as well as the clock, with the clock in, actually allows me to know who is where and at what time. I can keep track of people who maybe perennially late for work, so that’s been a huge plus. The other significant part is just in terms of our Fair Work compliance, and ensuring that we have timesheets available all the time and true record and indication who is here and when. There are certainly a provision for overtime if we’re not paying appropriately. There are conditions around on how long we need to keep our timesheets for. There are conditions that we build into our own places such as RDOs, and this is helping us to track that in a far more systematic way. I certainly recommend it. It has created a far more professional and thorough system, with a lot easier maintenance and management of that for myself, and my management team.