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Brett from Beefy's Pies explains how Tanda has drastically reduced their time spent on payroll and rostering.


Brett: I’m the Chief Operating Officer here at Beefy’s. We have 127 team members, we have 8 stores, we’re a family-owned business, and our signature products are our Signature Steak Pies.

Brett: Pre-Tanda, it was very manual to do the payroll, to do the rostering, to get it the team members.Managers would have to do all the checks and balances by the end of the week, fax it or phone it through. There’s always room for error in that case, because they may not be aware where to call in, or they wouldn’t phone, or sometimes the incorrect information was given out. What may have taken them 2 to 2.5 days, now takes them 1 day. The managers enjoy that, because it’s not just a case of a hard copy sitting on the outside of a fridge.

Chris: Before Tanda, with any rostering changes I would have to make multiple phone calls. Now with Tanda, you just jump on change what you need to do, and send out messages to everyone involved, which saves a lot of time. Any time I had an issue, I’d send in a question and be answered straight away. So you’re fully informed of what’s happening, and it’s easy to use. It streamlined everything, and it’s so easy to see what each team member’s doing, and what shifts they’re working, rather than relying on a paper trail.

Brett: Some of the data that you can draw from Tanda as a product is beneficial. This is something to keep the finger on the pulse of the business. You need to have an understanding of your running costs.

Chris: It’s really handy once you get used to it, and it is a really good tool for any business. I love it!

Brett: Tanda is a no-brainer! It’s saved us time, which ultimately saves us money, and it allows us time to identify other aspects of the business that we want to focus on.