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With Tanda & Xero, you know when your staff work and how much to pay them, from 15 - 200 staff.

Staff Scheduling

Tanda’s scheduling is the best tool for scheduling, communicating with your team and managing staff costs.

Union Contract

Use Tanda to effectively manage your Union Contract and employee pay rates.

Time Clock App

Record employee time and attendance accurately every time with Tanda’s electronic clock in.

Payroll Integration

Tanda works with your existing payroll system to manage your pay rates and staff set up.

How Tanda works


Build your Schedule

Build detailed schedules based on locations & teams in minutes with Tanda’s simple online scheduling tool.


Send shifts to your staff

Send your schedule to staff via SMS (and/or email) to save them the hassle of making a special trip in to check the schedule.

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Clock in

Start using Tanda by downloading our free Time Clock app for iOS (iPad) or Android so your staff can easily clock in/out of their shifts.


Automate timesheets

When staff clock in, the exact time they worked gets updated in Tanda - or you can set it to round to their scheduled shift.


Pay staff correctly

Your payroll processing time in Xero will be halved with Tanda’s seamless accounting integration.

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Cut down time theft Improve business processes & gain insight Eliminate paper

Time & Attendance Software for Xero

Businesses that use Tanda & Xero together, get the most from their workforce.

  • Track staff time and attendance to the minute, as it happens
  • Use financial data to optimise your schedule and payroll
  • Integrate with your existing payroll system
  • Manage leave, timesheets and schedules in one place
  • Delegate to your team
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"The team at Tanda have always gone the extra step."

Rated 5/5 stars based on 18 reviews from Xero customers.

"Tanda export to Xero has saved me hours in double entry, the export is seamless and is errorless. I love it!"

Leanne Smith
Red Rooster

"Tanda makes the whole process just a couple of clicks and has saved me hours of work. At the end of the day, a program is only as good as its support and the team at Tanda have always gone the extra step."

Scott Wanchap
Byron Central Apartments

"As a bookkeeper, specialising in payroll services, I have worked with many scheduling systems that integrate and export data into payroll/accounting systems. I have found Tanda to be one of the easiest to work with."

Rob Alborn
Xero Bookkeeper

More efficient businesses connect Xero to Tanda


Tanda is cloud-based just like Xero, giving you off-site access to your core business metrics, reports and staff management features like leave, timesheet approval and staff attendance. Tanda’s cloud storage also reduces unnecessary paperwork stress.

Gross Wage Calculation

Tanda’s market leading award interpreter automatically calculates gross wages in Tanda. The time clock syncs staff clock in data with timesheets, to pay staff accurately. Timesheets are then exported into Xero to be processed for payroll.


Tanda meets payroll compliance expectations by using an award interpreter to pay staff accurately and fairly, based on hours they have worked. It also meets compliance record requirements, as all attendance and payroll records are digitally stored and easily accessible for auditing.

Award Interpretation

Tanda’s automatic award interpreter includes Modern Awards for most industries, ensuring that you always pay staff correctly according to Fair Work regulations. The Modern Awards are automatically updated in accordance with Fair Work regulations.

Track Costs
(tracking categories)

Accurately predict wage costs with Tanda’s in-depth cost-tracking feature. Receive customised automatic reporting by team and location. Export reports into Xero to assign and manage your costs for each cost center.

Leave Management

Tanda gives staff the ability to easily communicate requests for time off using Tanda’s Employee Portal. This data is recorded and utilised for easier scheduling and timesheet management, so when it’s exported to Xero it’s already calculated, recorded and ready to be processed.

Tanda & Xero, helping businesses grow.

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