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Why Customers Choose Tanda

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Tanda is making it easier and faster for thousands of employees across Australia and the world to get paid correctly for the time they work. From restaurants, to resorts, to quick service restaurants and telecommunication companies, Tanda is helping businesses to get the most from their workforce.


Adrian: Payroll is probably the most controllable expense we have. So we were looking for a solution that could help us cost our rosters, improve time & attendance, stop time thieves, and be compliant along the way with records we have to keep.

Tony: For us to be wasting too much time on things like payroll and timesheets is not cost efficient. So anything that can make the process more streamlined and more efficient is a huge bonus to our business.

Blaine: I guarantee you it’s a lot faster than doing it any other way you’re doing it now.

Jordan: Tanda has automated our rostering system. When someone might be sick or when somebody wants to change their shift it allows us to basically automate that and save a lot of time.

Brett: Tanda is a no-brainer. It’s saved us time, which ultimately saves us money, and allows us time to identify other aspects of the business that we want to focus on.

Adrian: Tanda will save you 10x what it costs you, if you use it effectively.

Tony: I think that if you were looking at putting Tanda on, it’s worth having the discussion with the people there and seeing what they can do to tailor it to your industry. And that was one of the big attractions for us, that they were willing to look at it and say okay, what do we need to do to make this work for you.