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Video: The team behind Tanda

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Meet the team behind the award-winning Tanda software! We're a quirky, fun, energetic team who love coming to work and making a difference to the lives of business owners.


Camera person: We are speeding

Jun: Sweet

Renee: Oh that’s a hard question.

Jake: How’s that looking Tony?

Camera man: Yeah that’s looking really good

Liam: Oh, I had this.

Kelvin: So… sorry what was the question?

Alex: Tasmin you’re walking so loudly- classic Tasmin!

Camera person: Speak as though you’re speaking to me in terms of your volume.

Jake: The team at Tanda comes from a very diverse range of backgrounds, but I guess what really glues the team together, is that everyone is passionate. We want to make the world a better place, and it just so happens that the way we’re trying to do that is by changing the world one shift at a time.

Bryce: We solve a whole range of problems; rostering with staff, staff time and attendance all the way through to payroll issues and finally through to award interpretation.

Tasmin: We give our users the power to know which staff should work when, when those staff actually work and how much they get paid.

Renee: The best thing about Tanda is that we have a really relaxed culture. Everyone’s really friendly, everyone’s really young and so everyone has big ideas and is really excited about working.

Grace: We’ve got an awesome team here. So it’s nice to have people that are genuine and easy to talk to.

Adam: Everyone enjoys what they do. You don’t have anyone who’s coming to work going ‘oh it’s another day at work’. They’re coming to work because they want to and they’ve got problems to solve.

Jun: My name’s Jun and I’m a Developer. I spend most of the day writing code, reviewing code written by the other developers and reviewing the processes we have in place to make sure we’re actually building the product as well as we can. So I guess the big thing to remember is that we are a Software as a Service company. We’re providing a service- we’re not building Tanda for ourselves, we’re building Tanda for our customers.

Renee: It’s really designing with their best interests in mind, as opposed to designing what looks good, it’s making sure that it suits our customers’ needs.

Jun: We spend a lot of time thinking about what’s actually useful for our customers. So when we go about building our product, we try and got about it intelligently.

Nadia: I am the Business Manager for all inbound sales. I contact customers that have a direct interest in Tanda, and I basically guide them through the sales process and getting their account setup. We really understand that no two businesses, customers or conversations is the same. So building personal relationships and rapport with people, really getting an understanding of their business, and what we’re able to do is tailor our product and also our support and services.

Bryce: My name is Bryce, and I work in Customer Success at Tanda. The whole goal of what we do is to help our customers learn to use the product, get on board with the software, and then we help them to get the most from their workforce. We’re integral in their success. So we’re working more like consultants with our customers.

Nadia: To work at Tanda, you need to be extremely passionate. Passionate about business, passionate about people and basically helping businesses to become successful.

Jun: When we look for developers, we’re not just looking for people know everything. We’re really looking for people who can learn, people who are really driven to learn and develop their skills.

Josh: We’re trying to put together a team of A-Grade people here, so we’re looking for people who are really easy to get on with and really committed to the cause.

Tasmin: What we look for is attitude, skill, passion.

Jun: We have a great culture here at Tanda, and ultimately we want somebody we can get along with, somebody we can work well with.

Camera person: Done, you’re off camera.

Tasmin: Nice.

Nick: Does that answer your question?

Camera person: I think you covered everything. Is that a wrap?