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Time and Attendance

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Join Nadia as she explores the Tanda's Time and Attendance system. Learn about the Tanda Time Clock, timesheets and how Tanda tracks staff attendance in the cloud.


Hi I’m Nadia and I’m the Business Solutions Manager here at Tanda. Today, I’ll be taking you through Tanda, and how you can partner with us to get the most from your workforce.

With your Tanda Time Clock, staff are able to clock in and out, request leave, and enter unavailability. Staff log in with their unique passcode to the Time Clock and are able to clock in and out.

The Time Clock takes a photo of the team member and records the time when they’ve clocked in and out. This ensures that the right person has clocked in at the right time, for the correct shift. All the times are then sent straight to Tanda, and will appear on staff timesheets. Tanda live streams staff clock ins, so the Managers can see who’s on site and at what time. This is great for industries like childcare, who need an accurate record for compliance. It’s also great for managers to know what’s going on remotely if they’re not on site.

Timesheets in Tanda can be found under the “Timesheet” tab. You can manage your timesheets daily or by your pay cycle. Your pay cycle can be setup to start on any day of the week, for weekly and fortnightly pay cycles.

In daily timesheets, you can see all the rostered staff and others that clock in for the day will appear here too. Once a start and end time are entered, Tanda calculates the total hours and cost. Staff are also able to clock in for breaks, or you can set Tanda to allow for preset automatic breaks. The times with an ‘R’ below the box indicate the rostered time, while the ‘C’ indicates the time clocked in or out. You can change the times by clicking on the times next to these letters. This makes it easy to quickly edit timesheets, so there’s no backwards and forwards when you’re trying to approve timesheets.

To make timesheet approval even faster, you can set smart rounding in Tanda. This will round all clock in and outs to the rostered time, significantly reducing administrative time to manually fix rosters. You can also edit timesheet times to be something that is not the rostered or clocked in time, by simply entering the time into the box. This is great for those occasional shifts when staff have clocked in outside the smart rounding times.

You can set and view allowances, as outlined by your Award or Enterprise Agreement. So if your staff wear uniforms, you can accurately track and record the laundry allowance in your timesheet costs. You’ve also got the option to split a shift on a single day, add comments, record leave, view clock ins, and delete the shift. For businesses that have multiple locations or a lot of staff, Tanda gives you the option to sort and filter timesheets based on locations, teams and tags, making it much easier to review timesheets.

Once you are happy with the shifts, you can approve them individually on the right hand side, or approve them all at once up the top right. If you prefer to view timesheets by the entire pay cycle, go to “Timesheets”, then “Weekly” or “Fortnightly”. This allows you to view the staff members’ timesheets individually over the entire pay period.

In the weekly or fortnightly timesheets, at the bottom there is a timesheet export summary, which details each pay rate applying with costs, each allowance with costs, and the total cost of the timesheet. Underneath the export summary is the Timesheet Award Chart, which shows when each pay rule is applying at what times in the shifts. This enables detailed reporting, and 100 percent transparency of our Award Engine.

When you are happy with the timesheet you can approve it all towards the bottom right.

If you have any questions about time and attendance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.