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Tanda Hackathon 2016 Recap

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The Annual Tanda Hackathon brings designers and developers from all over Brisbane together to build cool stuff. The 2016 Tanda Hackathon saw over 150 of Brisbane's brightest come together to build integrations with Tanda's API.


Alex: So the point of Tanda Hackathon is to get recent graduate students programmers from all around Brisbane to come along to work at our office and just build something really cool using the Tanda platform.

Adrian: Especially for some of our uni students it’s great for them to have some real hands-on experience and just to kind of help them build their overall abilities and skill sets that may not be taught within the classroom.

Alex: There’s not many events in Brisbane at this scale that really encourage just programming for the sake of it and for the fun of it. So we’re trying to encourage people to just have some fun writing code, and see what sort of cool stuff they can make in 24 hours.

Elliot: Last year we build a product called ‘Two Weeks Notice’. It was a little machine learning project, which was trying to look at people’s check-in times, how late they were for work, and try and predict when they would take a sick day. It was a lot of fun last time, we had a really good time and obviously we’re here to defend our title. We want to get our names on the trophy a second time that will be nice.

Tanda Hackathon Attendee: We’re building an app that lets team members swap shifts with each other with manager oversight.

Tanda Hackathon Attendee: We are working on an app called Ori-Tanda and what it’s going to be is an on-boarding tool for businesses and I can implement using Tanda.

Tanda Hackathon Attendees: It’s called Tinder or Tanda sorry about that. You rate your employees on how much you would like to work with them and then it sort of schedules you with people you like.

Alex: Last we had about 50 people in here this year we sold a 150 tickets.

Elliot: Well I’ve heard it’s Brisbane’s biggest Hackathon and I’ve definitely seen a lot of people here tonight.