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Tanda is helping Pelican Waters Golf Resort and Spa to eliminate paper timesheets, make rostering and payroll easier, and track staff attendance.


Tony: We’ve got a four star resort in Caloundra, which is on the southern part of the Sunshine Coast. This particular resort is located away from the hustle and bustle of town.

Tony: Our main focus here is accommodation and tourism. So that’s what we have concentrate on the most. For us to be wasting too much time on things like payroll and timesheets for me, is not cost-efficient. So anything that can make the process more streamlined, and more efficient is a huge bonus to our business.We eradicated the timesheets. It’s made life a lot simpler in that sense, and I think all the staff have come to find it very simple and easy to do.

Jodie: It was easy. I just came into work one day and it was there ready to go. So the biggest thing was just training all the staff with their clock in codes, and clocking in and clocking out. To be honest, it’s probably easier than explaining a timesheet to somebody.

Jodie: From the time I do the rostering to once it’s completed for that week, we can go into publish, and it automatically will send a text and an email to every staff member that is on that roster, for that week. So then they’re fully aware of when they’re working. It’s also great too, because then they’re getting it well in advance. If someone can’t do a shift, we’re getting plenty of notice that they can’t.

Jodie: Our clock in is, pretty much from the time they walk out of the service lift. It’s right there, and the first thing they do is go straight to Tanda. Clock in, four digits and it’ll say welcome, and then they know that they’re clocked in. If you haven’t been paid correctly, then you can go back and on your Tanda records, and it’s all there in black and white.

Tony: I think if you were looking at putting Tanda on, it’s worth having the discussion with the people there and seeing what they can do to tailor it your industry. That was one of the big attractions for us, that they were willing to look at it, and say ok what do we need to do, to make this work for you.