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Join Nadia as she explores Tanda's Leave Management system. Learn how to manage employee leave, view staff leave and how it incorporates into rosters.


Hi I’m Nadia and I’m the Business Solutions Manager here at Tanda. Today, I’ll be taking you through Tanda, and how you can partner with us to get the most from your workforce.

Leave management in Tanda integrates with the Timesheets, and Rostering functions. You can use our default leave types or create your own.

Staff members can apply for leave through their employee portal, or via the Tanda Time Clock. Submitting leave requests electronically, removes the need for paper leave forms, and allows employees to submit leave from anywhere.

Once a leave request has been submitted, Managers can view pending leave requests in Tanda. From here they can either choose to approve or decline leave. Once leave is approved an email will be sent to the employee alerting them of the outcome. When the leave request is in the pending section, the manager can also edit the request by changing the leave type, hours, and date, as well as uploading supporting documentation such as a medical certificate and a reason. Managers can also delete leave requests, for example deleting duplicate requests if leave was accidently applied for twice.

With certain cloud payroll systems, Tanda can even pull across leave balances, so you know how much of each leave type employees have. This means that for businesses using these cloud payroll systems, leave accruals will be displayed on the Time Clock when employees apply for leave, so they know in advance how much leave they have accrued.

Managers can also to add in leave requests for staff by clicking on the “Add Leave Request” button. Then add in the employee and other details.

The powerful date filter at the top, allows Managers and Admin users to view previous approved and declined leave requests, or you can use the search bar to track down a specific leave request. This is a great paperless way to keep track of employee leave, including all the documentation that goes along with leave like medical certificates.

Another way to view leave is through the leave calendar, which can be accessed by clicking on the calendar icon at the top right. You can also subscribe to the leave calendar through “Tools” by clicking “Subscribe to leave calendar”.

Once leave is approved, it is automatically transferred into the staff member’s timesheet.

If you have any questions about leave management, please don’t hesitate to contact us.