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Jordan Grives and the HR team from Fonebox explain how Tanda has drastically reduced their time spent on payroll, rostering and tracking staff attendance.


Jordan: Fonebox are an inbound services provider. So we specialise in inbound solutions from 1300 and 1800 numbers, right through to having an inbound call centre that is offsite, where we take your messages and your enquiries on behalf of you. We were doing everything quite manually. We went from having a manual solution that would take up to almost a day and a half every week, to either do rosters, process payroll, change rosters etc.

Spencer: We were looking for something more unique, and something that could cater to our needs. Something that could grow with us as a company, and we thought Tanda was really good for that.

Rachel: It’s very beneficial for us because it really does cut down on the amount of hours that we have to spend on rostering, on payroll and on creating reports as well.

Spencer: It’s such an easy platform to use. Pretty much anyone can use it with a quick tutorial. So we’re able to see exactly the times that the guys clock on and clock off. We’re able to match it up easily with Tanda and our staff levels, and make sure we have the efficient amount of staff on at peak times throughout the day.

Jordan: Tanda has automated our rostering system, from the sense of not having to have people get involved in when someone might be sick, or when somebody wants to change their shift. It allows us to basically automate that and save a lot of time.

Spencer: I usually start my day with getting Tanda up, looking at who I’ve got coming in, making sure they’re clocking in on time. So we’ve got the Tanda tablet attached to the wall for the call centre guys to go in and take a picture of themselves, and make sure that they’re clocking in on time.

Rachel: You can use Tanda for any industry. I feel that if you have a large number of staff that work different shifts at any time, I would use Tanda.

Spencer: I’d definitely recommend it, to any growing business really, that has to produce rosters or has to have a certain amount of staff on, at certain times.