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Employee Time Clock by Tanda

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Stop time theft and monitor your employee's time & attendance. Tanda’s Time Clock app live streams employee clock ins, making it easy to track employee time and attendance. All data is stored in the system, and transferred automatically to timesheets, so you’ve always got a record of when staff are working.


The Tanda time clock changes the way businesses track and record their staff attendance, completely removing the need for paper timesheets, and replacing them with an accurate and simplified version.

The time clock sits on the wall, and gives your staff a reliable way to clock in and out in seconds. No more filling out timesheets at the end of your shift, while trying to remember exactly what time you started. Tanda takes the guesswork out of your staff attendance.

Across our user base, we currently have over 100,000 clock ins per week, and this data is automatically synced with each Tanda account, where timesheets are created and attendance is tracked. Business owners, managers and payroll staff have this data at their fingertips, accessible right in the browser whenever they need it.

Staff get paid on time and for the hours they actually worked, and business owners can stop time theft with the reliable live time clock feed. The time clock also offers more than just clocking in and out. Staff can apply for leave and unavailability, and managers can see a list of all staff on the roster for that day. These features are of course optional, but the time clock offers more than just clocking in and out. It boasts a powerful set of tools that sync directly to main Tanda account.

The time clock is core to how Tanda works, and for this reason we put a lot of time and effort into getting it right. We did this by working closely with our customers to figure out exactly what they wanted from the time clock to support their business.

This included not only business owners and managers, but staff as well. All have different requirements for what they need out of the time clock.So it was important to work with all user groups, to solidify the features, functionality and overall user interface of the time clock.

We like to keep our product design and development process largely driven by internal and customer feedback, and the time clock was no different. Through user testing and pilot programs, we were able to ensure that what we designed and built for the time clock worked effectively for all our customers, so they can focus on what really matters.

If you would like more information about the Tanda time clock please visit our website.