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Domino's and Tanda have partnered to build the workforces of the future. The partnership will assist Domino’s in empowering its franchisees with the right technology and tools to efficiently manage rostering and payroll as a competitive edge.


Liam: “It’s very hard for you, as you know a small business, to rock up at Woolworth’s door and say, ‘congratulations you’ve found me.”

Nick: “That’s what he said by the way.”

Liam: “There was a meat lovers pizza involved though. One of the things that I think drew us together was that ability to innovate, be agile, to use technology to solve problems.”

Nick: “We needed a better way of managing the workforce. You know, we have a pretty great culture of rostering in our business, but it was a system that was built over time. With the volume that we’re now doing and the complications of the IR landscape, we needed a simpler and more robust way of doing that.

Nick: “Now we sat down and said we’ve got two ways of doing that; 1) we build it ourselves or 2) we find a great partner. A lot of companies wanted to sell us what they had because they thought it was the best way. The guys at Tanda were experts in their field and really understood what they do, which is Time & Attendance, but they were really humble and open to making that in a Domino’s way.

Nick: “There’s so much that can be done in this space, even next year will be the year of AI [Artificial Intelligence]. There’s just so much going on. We’re so excited to be working with these guys who also see that vision, and you know, more importantly can help us build that vision.”

Liam: “If you’re a Manager of a team you’re expected to be; a bush lawyer, an IR expert, a HR friend to listen to and you’re also supposed to be a small business person, and without that level of training of any of those professions.

Liam: “So what we want to be able to provide, is the muscle to how your roster your workforce, to make sure it is the most cost effective.”