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rawGROUP Hospitality run 11 venues across South East Queensland including bars, pubs, restaurants and bottle shops . Tanda is helping them to manage their labour costs and save time on paperwork.


Adrian: My name is Adrian Rosato, I’m one of the Directors of rawGROUP Hospitality. We’ve got about 11 venues all over South-East Queensland. We run bars, restaurants, pubs, bottle shops across a fairly diverse range of brands. So we’re not a simple formula restaurant or bar. We do different things, we’ve got a lot of staff probably in the order of 400.

Bianca: As we grew over the years, starting from one venue to 11, there was less time for us to do some of that manual work Tanda was the answer, because Tanda saved us time, which saved us money and made things more efficient.

Adrian: Payroll is probably the most controllable expense we have. So we spend about the same amount on payroll as we do on cost of goods sold, and both of those far outweigh anything else. So we were looking for a solution that could help us cost our rosters, improve time and attendance, stop time thieves and be compliant along the way with records we have to keep.

Bianca: We don’t need to speak to the managers as often as we did, and communicating with them about the staff and the shifts, we just log in. We can log into our account, we can choose any our businesses from that list, and we can just see it all in one shot.

Adrian: The results are better, we see people who are late and we get notifications about all sorts of things. There’s a lot of data, and how much you want to use it is up to you. But for me, the most important bit of data I’m looking for is cost.

Blaine: What I really enjoy about Tanda, is knowing how much I’ve spent every day, and being able to compare that to the income to know whether I’m over or and/or under rostering for a shift. It’s as powerful as your willing to make it. I use the tools that so important to me, that keep me accountable, and keep me reaching the goals every week.

Bianca: I would recommend Tanda, because I believe that it would save any business time and money. It’s a great tool, easy to implement and easy to use. I think it works for everyone, from the office level to the managers, to the staff and directors.

Adrian: Tanda will save you 10 times what it costs you, if you use it effectively.

Blaine: I would absolutely recommend Tanda. Literally give it a go, and watch very quickly how much more control and how much more understanding you have of your business. You’ll look back and you’ll go, why was I doing it any other way.