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Tanda’s built in overtime interpreter automatically calculates rates for staff, calculating their gross pay and ensuring you’re always up-to-date with labor laws.

'Overtime Interpretation' definition:

Overtime Interpretation is the process of interpreting labor laws that affect employee pay. Federal, State and County laws can all affect the amount an individual should be paid for their work. Factors such as total hours worked, penalty rates, specific time periods and special duties, can all be accounted for when interpreting and calculating the employee gross pay.

Automate the calculation of overtime and your union contract rules

Tanda’s overtime interpretation software doesn't just calculate staff pay, it visually shows you the breakdown! It reduces the burden for companies to know the ins & outs of their Union contract by automatically managing these for you.

See how Tanda can automate your pay rates...

Saturday, Sunday, public holiday penalty rates

Eg. base hourly x 1, Saturday x 1.5, Sunday x 2, public holiday x 2.5

Coverage for full time, part time & casual

Eg. casual x 1.25, casual Saturday x 1.75, casual public holiday x 2.75

Early morning, afternoon & night shifts

Eg. Shifts starting after 6pm and ending before 2am

Automatic & manual allowances

Eg. laundry allowance for each shift or manually entered KM’s

Outside the span of hours

Eg. pay for the time worked before 7am or after 7pm as overtime

Daily overtime

Eg. working 10+ hours per day or 76+ per fortnight

Pay period overtime

Eg. pay overtime if over 152 hours are worked in a 4 week period

2 levels of overtime

Eg. the first 2 hours of overtime paid x 1.5 then additional hours x 2

Overtime based on Roster

Eg. pay for 1 hour of overtime when employee rostered 2-5pm, but works 2-6pm

Working beyond agreed part time hours

Eg. employee engaged to work 20 hours with additional hours paid as overtime

Minimum shift lengths

Eg. casual employees work a minimum of 3 hour shifts on weekdays

Higher duties

Eg. pay employees at a higher base rate dependent on the duties performed

Minimum rest period between shifts

Eg. double time under 10 hour rest between shifts

Split shifts

Eg. pay a $5 allowance when there are 2 shifts on the same day with a 2 hour difference

Call backs

Eg. pay for the time worked after returning for the day at a higher rate

Base rate add-ons

Eg. include a leading hand allowance of $2.70 in the employee’s base rate

Annual, sick & other leave export

Eg. any type of leave can be requested, approved and exported


Eg. add 2 hours to a TOIL balance in lieu of paying overtime

RDO accrual

Eg. accrue 0.4 hours towards an RDO for every day worked

Leave balances

Eg. John has a total of 22 hours available for annual leave

Ordinary (with super) vs. non-ordinary

Eg. report on hours/cost based for ordinary vs. non-ordinary (overtime, no super) hours

Add super and other on-costs

Eg. reports include costings for superannuation, WorkCover as well as leave accruals & claims

Modern Award variations

Eg. use the Hospitality Modern Award but pay above rates

Individual/custom agreements

Eg. pay a single employee $22 per hour on weekdays and $35 on weekends

RDO accrual

Eg. accrue 0.4 hours towards an RDO for every day worked

Flexible provisions

Eg. change the span of ordinary hours from 6am-6pm to 7am-7pm

Wage Automation

Tanda’s robust award interpretation engine completely automates the calculation process for award rates, no matter what industry you’re in. Not only do you save time, but you can be sure that the award rate is applied correctly every time, for every staff member.

Automatic Award Updates

Take the guesswork and stress out of award rates compliance. Tanda automatically updates the award template in compliance with Fair Work Australia’s policy changes, so you can rest easy that you’re paying staff correctly.

Set and Forget

Stop worrying about whether you’re paying the correct award rates. Tanda’s automatic award interpreter is the most robust in the industry, so you can be guaranteed that you’re paying staff correctly every time, even if you pay above award or have an enterprise agreement.

Say goodbye to complex calculations

Automatic Pay Item Management

Tanda automatically creates pay items and exports them to your payroll software making it easy for you and your accountant to track where your costs are going.

Automatic Updates on Birthdays

Tanda stores employee details, and automatically updates employee award rates as they get older, so all you have to do is remember to wish them a happy birthday.

Fair Work Updates

Tanda ensures you’re always paying your employees the correct rate, by automatically updating award rates as they change in accordance with Fair Work Australia’s policy.

Higher Duties

Tanda allows you to offer multiple award rate options for each employee. This means employees can switch duties and responsibilities as much as they want, but they’ll still be paid their respective rates for each duty.

Split hours

Split ordinary from non-ordinary hours so you can track how much super to pay them without any complex calculations.


Easily account for and calculate Time off in lieu (TOIL) and rostered days off (RDO) so staff are paid accurately for any extra time they work, and you can track your costs.

Automate allowances & penalties

Tanda allows you automate allowances and penalties straight whether customised or straight from the award. You can be sure that your staff will always be paid correctly for their late night shifts, and for washing their uniforms.

Customise Rates

Tanda’s interactive software allows you to customise your own award rates on top of the Fair Work compliance rates, or build your own to match your enterprise agreement. Meaning you can reward staff with ‘above award’ rates and accurately calculate them every time.

Manage Overtime

Tanda enables you to calculate overtime on entitlements on a weekly, fortnightly or four-weekly basis, saving you from hours of complex and confusing calculations.

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