Written Warning – Late Attendance

Date issued: [Today’s date]

Issued to: [Employee name]

RE: Written warning for continued late attendance

Dear [Employee Name],

Your continued lateness to work is deemed unacceptable by management. This letter is an official written warning. Specifically, you have been late on the following occurrences:

  • Date and time the employee arrived at work late
  • Date and time the employee arrived at work late
  • Date and time the employee arrived at work late

We strive to create a workplace that is fair for all employees. When you continuously arrive late to work, you are not only in breach of the standards we expect of our employees, you are also creating a workplace that is unfair for your colleagues.

We set scheduled times for your work so we can correctly meet our business goals and best service our clients. Everyone in the team strives for our continued success as a business, and having a single team member arriving late causes our standards to slip is also unfair on your colleagues who are following our high standards.

We expect you to remedy this breach of our attendance requirement immediately.

Continued lateness may result in termination or other disciplinary action.



Manager Name

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