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Tanda’s employee scheduling software helps thousands of people move away from Excel with costed schedules and easy staff communication.

"Completing a weekly schedule through Tanda is quite simple. You can set up specific roles for your business, then allocate staff to those roles to fill the shifts through the week."
Tony, General Manager at Pelican Waters Resort

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Brett, COO at Beefy's Pies

"Before Tanda with any scheduling changes - I would have to make multiple calls. Now with Tanda, you just jump on, change what you need to and it’ll send out messages to everyone involved, which saves a lot of time."


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User-friendly Design

Tanda’s user-friendly online scheduling software means you can drag and drop to build schedules in minutes, instead of hours. Tanda’s intuitive design makes it quick to easily teach managers & staff how to use the Tanda schedule app. There's also a variety of different ways to view and filter the schedule.

Costed Schedule

Tanda’s costed schedule view shows you exactly how much your weekly schedule will cost you, before staff clock in. Tanda’s design and built in Award Interpreter, helps you monitor the actual cost of your schedule, as you build it - letting you know which employee works with your schedule budget.

"Tanda saves us heaps of time so we can focus on the expansion of our business."

Brett, Chief Operating Officer at Beefy's Pies

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Schedule in minutes, not hours!

Tanda’s staff schedule management software helps thousands of people move away from Excel schedules and provides powerful online scheduling features.

Schedule Templates

Use schedule templates to make future scheduling fast and stress-free. Save an unlimited number of templates so you always have the perfect schedule no matter the week.

Costed Schedule

Know how much your schedule is going to cost as you build it, so you can adapt and change the schedule as the needs of your business change.

SMS Shifts to Staff

Notify staff of upcoming shifts in seconds via SMS and email, so everyone knows when they're working. Change in the schedule? Eliminate excuses by automatically notifying staff of any changes to the schedule.

In-depth & Live Reporting

Access detailed reports of your business throughout the day with Tanda’s live reporting. Tanda’s in depth reports make it easy to track business revenue and costs daily and weekly, ensuring you’re always on top of your core metrics.

Filter and Sort Schedules

Tanda makes it easy to quickly filter and sort your schedule via locations or teams, so you can check who’s working where.

Manage Unavailability

Managing staff unavailability is painless with Tanda, as staff can set their own unavailability and lodge it electronically. Supervisors can easily check staff availability and review staff reasoning when building the schedule, so you’re never caught out.

Pull data over from POS

Tanda smoothly integrates with POS systems to pull data over into Tanda, making it easy to evaluate revenue and compare it to scheduled and actual wage costs.

Set Budgets

Set budgets for teams and overall schedules, so that managers can build schedules for the own staff, while still working within the budgets that you set for them.

Easy to Read schedules

Tanda’s multi schedule view, and colour coding makes it easy to see who’s working where at a glance.

Scheduling software loved by thousands

rawGROUP Hospitality
Video testimonial from Beefy's Pies talks how Tanda automates their payroll Beefy's Pies
Saltwater Properties
Beach House uses Tanda online scheduling software in Australia

"If labour is a significant cost centre for your business and you’re not taking any steps to control that cost centre, you’re crazy. Tanda will save you 10x than what it cost you."

Adrian - Director
Raw Group Hospitality (Beach House)

Fonebox Australia uses Tanda scheduling software

"Tanda automated our scheduling system from the sense of not having to get people involved when someone can’t make their shift. It basically allows us to automate it all and has saved us a lot of time!"

Jordan - CEO

Rated 5/5 stars based on 18 reviews from customers.