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Move away from spreadsheets to an effortless scheduling system with easy staff communication tools


Schedule in minutes, not hours!

Create, edit and view all your schedules fast with Tanda's easy-to-use scheduling software


Match Schedules with Demand Indicators

Tanda’s scheduling software analyses a variety of demand indicators to generate shifts automatically. Our system reviews data from your sales history to predict the number of employees you will need throughout each working day.

Labor Law & Union Contract Compliance

Failing to follow federal labor laws and union contracts can lead to costly fines and large amounts of back pay. Tanda’s Pay Interpretation automatically applies standard rates, overtime fees, and union contract rules, and alerts managers in advance when a shift may have exceeded specific limits.


Empower Managers to Control Labor Costs

Poor systems can make it impossible for you to delegate responsibility effectively to your site managers. Without the right data, your managers have to create schedules based on intuition alone.

Let your managers take responsibility for their team’s success. Tanda’s scheduling software shows managers the labor cost percentage before they publish a schedule. Timesheets and schedule costs are compared each day, so managers can track their progress throughout the week.

Simple Communication via Mobile App

Communication between managers and team members is simplified via the Tanda mobile app. When changes are made to a schedule, your employees will receive instant updates to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Eliminate Paper-based Time Off Requests and Forms

Instead of using inefficient phone calls, our app even makes it easy for your business to communicate on topics like availability and requests for time off or sick leave. Employee onboarding can be done directly via the mobile app, which collects essential employee information and eliminates the need for endless paperwork.



Multiple Schedule view

Tanda’s multi-schedule view and colour coding make it easy to see who’s working where at a glance



Simplify scheduling with our features

Create Schedule Templates
Make future scheduling fast and stress-free. Create and save schedule templates, so that you always have the perfect schedule no matter what week it  is


Import and Export Excel
Easily sync your existing scheduling data from Excel to Tanda. Your schedules created in Tanda can also be exported to Excel in just a few clicks


Send Shifts to Staff
Ensure that your employees are always informed of upcoming shifts by sending information to them via SMS or email


Filter & Sort Schedules
Tanda makes it painless to filter and sort your schedule via locations or teams, so that you can check who’s working where


Preview Expenses
Track your business revenue and costs throughout the day, so that you can easily adapt and change the schedule according to your business’ needs


Quickly identify employee time off
Avoid shift conflicts and easily check staff availability when building your schedules, so that you can make sure you’ve got all shifts covered

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