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Making the most out of your workforce

Tanda helps you create accurate timesheets for your staff so you can easily process payroll and instantly see how your business is doing with Quickbooks Online.

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Business is better with smarter tools like Tanda and Quickbooks Online

With Tanda and Intuit Quickbooks, know when your staff work, how much to pay them, and how your business is doing, on the go. Together, Tanda and Quickbooks Online save you hours doing admin work, allowing you to make informed decisions and overall, run your business better.

How Tanda integrates with Quickbooks Online

costed scheduling

Build costed schedules
in minutes

Build schedule in minutes instead of hours, and know exactly how much your weekly schedule will cost you with Tanda's scheduling software

employee time clock

Clock in
and save time

Record employee time and attendance accurately and track them real time through Tanda's Time Clock app

import data to Paychex

Import your data to Quickbooks Online for payroll processing

Import your collated workforce data, timesheets, and pay rates from Tanda to Quickbooks Online to accurately calculate gross wages

Streamline your
Quickbooks Online account with the world’s #1 platform for Workforce Success.

Tanda is an all-in-one cloud platform for your employee scheduling, real-time attendance tracking, employee engagement apps, unavailability management, and cognitive labor compliance. Simply plug and play with your existing Quickbooks Online account to streamline the way you run your business.

Your employees are your #1 customer, so join the 70,000 strong Tanda community scaling what they love by creating a great employee experience at work.

What people think about using Tanda

"Great tool to manage
[schedule] and payroll."

Saved a lot of money in payroll, [and] saved a lot of time from my managers and payroll officer. [It] simplified [our] payroll process, [and] updated our timesheet procedures to a more effective system.

Joel P.
Station Manager
"The time clock
is the best I've seen."

I no longer have to worry about keeping track of employee [timesheets]. [Tanda provides] ease of mind, [by] not having to deal with time cards and sheets. This system locks up the time in and out so it can't be cheated

David L.