Tanda Predictive Workforce™

Predict the future & know your workforce demand.

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Predicting demand for over 120,000 hours every week

Predict exactly how many staff you need, in any part of your business, at any time. Make your team efficient, motivated and profitable.

Collated data sources

The collation of all relevant workplace data in one place.

Predict staff counts

Smart algorithms that determine staffing levels.

No more mistakes

The removal of human error in your rostering.

How it works


Connect to Existing Systems

Integrate with your existing systems and collect data from multiple data sources in your organisation.


Intelligent Processing

Train our intelligence model to interpret the provided data and make meaningful predictions about your expected workload.


Predictive Staff Targets

Our predictive workforce platform sets staffing targets across your organisation. You’re never over or under staffed.

Workforce Benefits

More robust budgeting

How often do you set a budget for your team? We can provide your teams with automated labour cost budgets on the most frequent possible scale, by the hour or even by the minute. By keeping your staffing ratios in line with workloads, you’ll keep your team efficient, motivated and profitable.

Make all of your managers top-performers

All of your managers want to be top performers. We can provide them with the assistance they need to run the most efficient teams possible. By surfacing the most important factors and guiding your organisation to optimal staffing decisions, our predictive workforce service is always at your team’s assistance.

Exception reporting

Our predictive workforce platform constantly looks for deviations from acceptable staffing levels and surfaces them for everyone. You, your managers and other decision makers can see when a roster falls outside of what is accepted.

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