Grow and manage your business with Tanda and Vend

Effortlessly automated, Tanda and Vend together bring you real-time labor and sales data -- anytime, anywhere.

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Real-time insights for your stores

Tanda's workforce management platform integrates well with Vend’s multi-outlet and inventory management system. By connecting your Vend POS to Tanda, you can visualize your operations, utilize live insights, and create rosters ahead of time.

Connect your Vend POS for real time sales data.

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How Tanda works well with Vend


Easy and efficient way to take care of your business

Do your admin work while also checking sales and business performance all in one go

Better employee management and visibility

Employees can access their scheduled shifts and attendance through a single portal using the self-service capabilities, reducing the time required for workforce management

Fast, accurate, and powerful reporting

Create richer, more tailored reporting that enables you to stay compliant and on top of your workforce, even in a constantly changing environment

How To Get Started

  • Step 1:
    Connect Tanda to Vend
    Integrate Tanda with Vend POS to collect your sales data.
  • Step 2:
    Process Information
    Employees can access their benefits and payroll through a single portal using the self-service capabilities to reduce manual work for your HR and Finance teams.
  • Step 3:
    Predict Staffing Targets
    Through Tanda’s Projections Table, automatically set staffing targets for your business. Use Tanda + Vend to never be over or under staffed again.
  • Step 4:
    Track Profitability
    Track labor costs and revenue as they fluctuate throughout the day and week through our Weekly Planner widget on the Tanda dashboard.

Ready to Get Started?

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