Pay staff in minutes, not hours!

Export compliant award interpreted timesheets to your payroll software.

Tanda collates your workforce data, timesheets and pay rates to automatically and accurately calculate your employee gross wages. Tanda then exports these award interpreted timesheets directly into your current payroll software ready to be processed for your next pay run.

Tanda lets you process payroll faster and more accurately without the hassle of upgrading your payroll system.
It’s still the same payroll you know, just minus the hard parts!

Tanda's Payroll Promise

How much time do you spend processing payroll every week?
Tanda will halve your payroll processing time!

  • Accurate gross wage calculation and reporting.
  • Reconcile wages to timesheets, down to the cent.
  • Sync ready to pay timesheets in to your payroll software.
  • Quickly process pays for hourly & salaried employees.
  • Eliminate double data entry.
  • Catch errors before you've processed the payrun.
  • No more late runs or back pays.
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Streamline your payroll

Tanda’s easing the payroll headache without the hassle of system upgrades, expensive outlays or cumbersome software. By exporting award interpreted timesheets directly into your payroll software, Tanda makes it easy to pay your staff quickly and accurately. Tanda bolts on to your accounting software to streamline your payroll.

Brett, COO at Beefy's Pies

"With over 120 employees across 8 locations, Tanda has halved our payroll. What used to take our office 2-2 ½ days, now takes us 1 day."
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Brett - Chief Operating Officer at Beefy’s Pies

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Automatic & Error-Free Data Entry

Export timesheets from Tanda into your payroll in minutes. Tanda eliminates double data entry, by exporting accurate gross wage calculations directly into your payroll timesheet section, ensuring fast and error free data entry for payroll processing.

Automatic Pay Item Management

Tanda automatically matches to your payroll items in your payroll software, making it easy to manage and track wage costs. Exporting every hour to the correct payroll item in your payroll software, allows you to quickly reconcile the value of timesheets to the total cost of your pay run.

Payroll Integration features

1 Click Import

Import staff details from your payroll software into Tanda. Tanda automatically syncs staff data updates like birthdays or promotions, ensuring that pay rates are always up-to-date.

1 Click Export

Tanda exports timesheets, complete with gross wage calculations, directly to your payroll software in minutes, eliminating manual data entry.

Pay Item Creation & Management

Tanda automatically matches payroll items in your payroll software, making it easy to track and manage wage costs.

Apply Superannuation

Tanda interprets superannuation by separating ordinary and non-ordinary hours, and identifies in the payroll software which hours require superannuation payment.

Gross Wage Calculation

Tanda’s robust award interpreter automatically breaks down your employees timesheets, calculating each employee’s gross wages saving you time and reducing errors.

Award Templates

Tanda automatically updates award templates in accordance with Fair Work updates, and updates employee base pay rates with birthdays and promotions. On most systems, Tanda can also push these rate updates to your payroll system automatically, ensuring gross wage calculations are correct and up-to-date.

Thousands of Tanda users save hours every week

"I really like how Tanda and Xero work together. The whole process starts with the staff logging in and logging out of Tanda, then all we do is check it, approve it and export it to Xero."

Peter - Manager
Pacific Paradise Bowls Club

"Spending time on payroll and timesheets is not cost efficient. So anything that makes the process more streamlined is a huge bonus to our business, and Tanda did that."

Tony - General Manager
Pelican Waters Resort

"If labour is a significant cost centre for your business and you’re not taking any steps to control that cost centre, you’re crazy. Tanda will save you 10x what it cost you."

Adrian - Director
Raw Group Hospitality (Beach House)

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