Time Off Management Software

An effortless way to submit, approve, and manage employee leave and availability

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Simplify your time off management with Tanda

View and approve pending leave requests with all the details you need in one place. Our intuitive system automatically updates your roster and timesheets, making it easy for you to track new and updated requests.

Schedule with full information

Leave and time off are linked with schedules so you know who can work which shifts and when

Manage leave from your phone

Employees can submit leave and time off requests through either the scheduling app or their desktop, for manager’s approval

Leave that works for your business

Set up custom events that suit your business to let your staff know not to take time off during busy periods like 4th of July or Christmas.

Empower staff to manage time off

Staff can provide reasons for their time off so that you know why they aren’t available.

Never get caught under-staffed again

Approve leave confidently with our absence management platform that shows which team members are currently unable to work and how many staff are available to cover a shift.


Integrate Tanda with payroll and POS systems you already use

Thousands of people across the globe use, and recommend, Tanda

“Give Tanda a go, and watch very quickly how much more control and how much more understanding you have of your business - and you’ll look back and you’ll go, “why was I doing it any other way?”

Adrian Rosato,

Director of rawGroup Hospitality

"Tanda will be an essential tool for us moving forward as it will scale effortlessly."

Andres Shub,

Chief Operating Officer at Mon Purse and Tanda Client

Streamline your time off management

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