Labor Compliance

Tanda’s wage calculator is built to identify labor compliance issues in your schedules, breaks and timesheets to give you more oversight and reduce your labor cost instantly.

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Trusted Workforce Compliance with Tanda

Tanda’s Labor Compliance tools gives you effortless compliance by identifying breaches in local labor laws before they occur and notifying managers to be rectified.

Break Compliance

Set up custom break rules for different categories of staff and Tanda will ensure that timesheets comply with local laws.

Mandatory Rest

Local legislation often dictates minimum breaks between scheduled shifts. Tanda identifies shifts that have been scheduled too close together and flags them before they are published.

Overtime Alerts

Tanda simplifies overtime management by notifying managers when staff enter overtime so that you can easily eliminate unnecessary penalties.

Compliant Wage Automation

Tanda’s wage calculator uses your local labor laws to determine precise shift costs based on times that employees clock in and out with the employee time clock. Timesheets are costed in accordance to local wage laws and prepared to be exported to your payroll system in a single click.

One-click Setup

Get up and running in seconds. Select your state and Tanda will automatically create and maintain the relevant pay items and hourly rates to ensure staff are always paid accurately. Tanda’s pay calculator automatically responds to regulatory changes so you can be sure you’re always covered.

Schedule Edit History

Tanda has your back when labor laws require historical staff schedules. All past schedules, as well as any changes and a record or who made that change are logged and never deleted to ensure you have the documentation you need to remain compliant.


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