Cut down on admin tasks
so you can manufacture
Workforce Success

Our workforce success software will help you keep up with the fast-paced manufacturing industry.


Tanda's solutions are for you, for your business, and for your workforce

manufacturing-for you

For you

Spend less time on administrative tasks and grow your business with peace of mind

1.2 Labor-Law

Have peace of mind knowing that Tanda's system incorporates your city's labor laws

1.3 build-in-Minutes

Build schedules in minutes instead of hours with Tanda’s user-friendly scheduling software

manufacturing-for your business

For your business

Optimize your operations and streamline your processes for a smooth running business

2.1 Predictive-Workforce

Connect to existing systems and make data-driven decisions with Tanda's Predictive Workforce™

2.2 Seamless-Timesheet

Track your staff's time and attendance accurately as they go with Tanda's Time Clock app

2.3 Cognitive-Schedule

Let Tanda's Cognitive Schedule™ automate your workforce allocation

manufacturing-for your workforce

For your workforce

Empower your workforce and keep them satisfied so they commit more to your business

3.1 Better-Worklife

Promote better work-life balance to your staff and keep track of their unavailability with Tanda’s employee app

3.2 Tips-and-Salaries

Ensure that tips and salaries are properly paid out with Tanda’s costed schedule and tipping feature

3.3 Copy of Communication

Communicate pay and shift details easier through Tanda’s communication features

Save hours spent managing your staff and focus on growing your business


Say goodbye to paper timesheets with the
Employee Time Clock Software


Verify attendance with passcode and a photo
Staff clock-in with a 4-digit pin and take a photo to make sure it’s them on every clock-in.


Check in on things from anywhere
View a live feed of clock-ins. Check your dashboard, approve shifts, and export timesheets to payroll from anywhere.

Streamline your business with powerful integrations

What people think about using Tanda

"With Tanda, I can easily see who’s at work, and at what time."

By approving my timesheets regularly, I’m actually cutting down the time I have to spend at the end of the fortnight verifying shifts. [...] Tanda has [also] made payroll so smooth! Uploading my timesheets from Tanda to MYOB automatically, has given me back the three hours a week, that I spent doing payroll for our team of 26 staff.

Jared Furllinfaw
Managing Director

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