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Illinois Supermarket Chain Sued for using Biometric Data for Time Clocks

As reported by Supermarket News, Mariano’s, a Chicago-based supermarket chain, is currently facing multiple lawsuits for their alleged violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. Also known as BIPA, the law, among other provisions, explicitly prohibits any private entity to collect biometric data without the owner’s permission. It also mandates the private entity to […]

What You Need to Look for in Payroll Software

Payroll software takes away the hassle of manual calculation of each employee’s pay. It drastically cuts down processing time and errors, which means that your staff always get paid for the right amount at the right time. A quick Google search for “payroll software” shows that there are tons to choose from. But what exactly […]

The Three I’s of Data-Driven Workforce Management

Data is the foundation of today’s digital revolution. Because of it, we are able to hail rides through a smartphone, find out what our friends are up to on a daily basis, and access content at any time of the day. This revolution is also making waves in the field of workforce management. Through the […]

San Antonio Employee Caught Faking Clock-Ins from Breaks

As reported by KSAT, a San Antonio Municipal Court employee resigned after an investigation found out that he was faking his lunch breaks at work. Surveillance video caught the employee approaching the biometric time clock and moving his hand “as if he is scanning his fingerprint to clock out.” The employee returns an hour and […]

Why Fingerprint Scanners Don’t Work for Time and Attendance

You think fingerprint time clocks are the best tools for tracking employee time and attendance? Think again.

How much data do you bench(mark)?

Here’s a question for you, what is the fastest growing under utilized resource in today’s modern society? According to Bernard Marr, we are creating data at an unprecedented rate, the likes of which have never been seen before in human history. So why then are we surprised to find that less than 0.5% of all […]

The next stage in retail evolution?

The advances in credit card technology and the creation of the of the electronic payment terminal in 1982 revolutionized payment processing for businesses around the world. It leads to better cash flow management, and an increase in sales processing efficiencies, ultimately influencing customer spending behavior. Over the years the technology has developed, and advancements like contact-less […]

Ensure Enough Coverage for Your Restaurant at Any Given Time

Traffic at a restaurant ebbs and flows with the times. One moment you’ll only have a handful of patrons, the next an avalanche of customers are queuing at the entrance, waiting to be served. From being overstaffed at a certain time period, suddenly your servers are juggling multiple tables while tickets are lining up like […]

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