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Employee Scheduling

Building a Solid Shift: Predictive Scheduling Laws across the US

Even with the advent of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores still line the streets of many American cities. These stores command a powerful share of the market. An estimated 15% of Americans are employed in these retail establishments, supporting millions of families across the country. Retail workers typically work unstable schedules to match labor to incoming […]

Your Guide to Parental Leave Laws

Today we’re going to take a closer look at how Australia, the UK, and the US implement maternity and paternity leave. Australia Parental Leave According to the Australian Fair Work Ombudsman website, employees are entitled to 12 months of unpaid parental leave when they or their spouse or partner gives birth. Regular employees are qualified […]

Why Employees Love Tanda Workforce Success Software

Plenty of companies are using workforce management software to help them become more efficient and productive. But how can the same software help improve the lives of the team, the most valuable part of the business? We created Tanda with the whole team in mind, that means both employer and employee. Here are some of […]

Top 3 Leave Management Problems of Businesses

Employees do take time off work. That is why leave management is an important part of the business. It’s a tricky process regardless if you have five people or five hundred people on your team. This is especially true if you’re still using old-school methods such as using paper forms or Excel spreadsheets for leave […]

Desktop-Based or Cloud-Based Payroll Software?

In today’s rapidly-changing business world, the question is not whether or not you should get a payroll software solution for your business. Rather, it’s what type you should get. Before getting into too much detail, the first question you should ask is whether you should get a desktop-based or a cloud-based payroll software. And understanding […]

3 Reasons to Get Your Employee Schedule Right

You might think that having errors with the employee schedule will only lead to minor inconveniences in employee attendance and pay. But in fact, not getting the employee schedule right has huge consequences for the entire business. Examples of poor employee scheduling practices are: Sending schedules to employees at the very last minute Sudden changes […]

How to Eliminate Time Theft

Time theft is an unfortunate reality for many business owners. It can have huge impacts on labor costs as well as staff productivity and morale. Without the correct tools and systems, time theft can be difficult to catch, and even harder to stamp out. What is time theft? Time theft occurs when an employee bills […]

Not sure how to set your shift schedule? Just follow your customer

Chart your customer journey across your restaurant, then build your weekly shift schedule accordingly.

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