With Tanda, you know when your staff work and how much to pay them, from 15 to 100,000+ staff.

Labor Compliance

Comply with Minimum Wage and Overtime Rules everywhere from California to New York City.


Tanda's scheduling is the best tool for planning your team and managing staff costs.

Time Clock Attendance

Record employee time and attendance accurately every time with Tanda's electronic clock in.

Payroll Integration

Tanda works with your existing payroll system to manage your pay rates and staff set up.

Who is tanda for?

Tanda is for businesses with shift and hourly employees who want to get the most from their workforce.


Time & Attendance Software

Businesses that use Tanda get the most from their workforce.

  • Track staff time and attendance to the minute, as it happens
  • Use financial data to optimise your roster and payroll
  • Integrate with your existing payroll system
  • Manage leave, timesheets and rosters in one place
  • Delegate to your team
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Learn how you and your managers can increase profits and get the most from your workforce by building better schedules.

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