Using a timesheet calculator is the easiest way to manage the hours your staff are working. Just enter the start and end time of your employees

This free online timesheet calculator works with breaks and will work out the total amount of hours work and paycheck/wage amount for your staff.



Enter the employee their name, their shift's start and end (12-hr format), their break (in minutes), and their hourly rate. Totals are automatically calculated.


Click the blue ‘Add another employee’ button to add more rows, and the red "remove employee" button to delete rows.


Repeat the above steps until all employees are entered correctly.


Click "print timesheets" when you're done - your timesheet data is not saved to our server.


Quick Tips:

Times must be in 24 format  (eg. 5 pm = 17:00)


To automatically create and save timesheets, download the FREE time Clock app.

For multiple hourly rates and penalty rates for employees,  try automatic pay rate calculation software.

To calculate employee leave entitlements, use the FREE pro rata holiday pay calculator.

Automatically Create Timesheets

  • Tanda is an all-in-one tool to manage your employee scheduling, attendance and overtime calculations.


  • If your timesheets require a little more effort to calculate, you can automatically calculate overtime pay, breaks and weekend rates using Tanda. Our timesheet calculator works to automate all aspects of your timesheets and get all the data ready for your payroll.

Free Time Clock

Download the free Time Clock app to automatically create timesheets! Get started in 3 minutes and try it for yourself.

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