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Brexit Business Impact: How to Future-proof your Trade

Major uncertainty has hit the United Kingdom since the 2016 Brexit referendum. This is despite few real changes in legal status, regulation, or tariffs so far. In the past two years, UK and EU citizens followed the development of the withdrawal agreement. This agreement will determine what comes next for both parties. But things are […]

Free UK Pro Rata Holiday Leave Calculator Now Available

Are you finding it difficult to figure out how much holiday leave each of your employees have left this year? Is it taking a long time to process holiday leave requests and finding out how much leave days can be carried over to the next year? These can all be a thing of the past […]

3 Reasons to Get Your Rota Right

You might think that having errors with the rota will only lead to minor inconveniences in employee attendance and pay. But in fact, not getting the rota right has huge consequences for the entire business. Examples of poor rota management practices are: Sending rotas to employees at the very last minute Sudden changes to the […]

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