Free Rota Template for Excel

Tired of doing your rota management manually? Then stop using pen and paper or long email chains to build your rota!

Our free excel rota template eliminates paperwork and creates easier communication between you and your employees. Why waste hours in rota when there is a better way.

Google Sheet Schedule Template

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Share rota with your employees in real-time.


Set View only permission for your employees to prevent changes.


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Log in and and edit rota from any device.


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How to share your Rota Template to your employees

Because this template is on Excel Spreadsheet, it can be easily shared with read only access. All of your employees will be able to see changes in real-time, but won't be able to edit their schedule without asking you. 


  1. At the upper righthand corner of the worksheet, locate and click the “Share” button.
  2. There’s a prompt box that allows you to share the worksheet with your employees by adding their respective email, but first locate the “advance option” below the textbox.
  3. With that advance option, you can now add and set a permission on where you can tag an employee to access it in the read-only by clicking the “pencil button” aligned to the name of the employee(s) that you are sharing the worksheet with.
  4. Once you’ve added the necessary employees, just click “Done

How to initiate comment with your employees in the Excel Spreadsheet

Google sheets comes built in with an internal comment or conversation system where employees can directly message you to request a change in their schedule.


  1. At the upper right of the worksheet, locate then click the “comment” button to open the comment panel.
  2. Then you are now ready to comment to all of the members of that sheet.

Time & Attendance Software

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