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"Labor is the most controllable expense we have."

Adrian, Director at rawGROUP Hospitality

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See what rawGROUP Director Adrian Rosato had to say about Tanda...

rawGROUP Hospitality specialize in running bars, pubs and bottleshops. With 11 venues including the eight famous Beach House Bar and Grills, Adrian doesn’t have time to focus on anything but running a successful business.

“We’re not a simple formula restaurant, we do different things, we’ve got a lot of staff, probably in the order of 400, and we’re unique.”

Adrian was introduced to Tanda by his accountant, who suggested Tanda as a solution to manage his payroll and time and attendance issues.

“Payroll is probably the most controllable expense we have; so we spend about the same amount on payroll as we do on cost of goods sold, and both of those two far outweigh anything else, like rent or electricity.”

“I just think we were looking for a program that could meet our needs for time and attendance, for scheduling, for payroll control. And I did need a company who was prepared to be flexible with me about some award interpretations issues, and Tanda were prepared to do it. I don't know that any of the others would have been.”

Adrian initially trialled Tanda at the Garden City Hotel Beach House, and after the success at one site, they decided to roll out Tanda to the remaining 10 sites.

“The results are better, we see people who are late, we get notifications and all those sorts of things. There’s a lot of data, and how much you wanna use it is up to you, but for me the most important data we’re looking for is cost data.”

“I’m less concerned with the schedules and the reality of the payroll run, because things happen. We have to budget the time we’re going to close, but we don’t know what time we’re going to close. So it’s never going to be perfect but we look at the costed schedule, and we’re trying to see wages and turnover.”

Adrian explains that payroll processing for all 11 venues happens at the head office, where each office member is assigned two venues to process. With about seven staff in the office, nearly everyone is using Tanda to process timesheets and payroll, including Adrian.

“If labour is a significant cost center for your business and you're not taking any step to control that cost center, you're crazy.

“So you should be using a time and attendance program, a payroll program, a system, to try and control the cost. And if you can do it yourself all well and good, but if you can’t, Tanda will save you ten times than what it cost you if you, if you use it effectively.

“I’d say. Give it a try. If you don't like it, give it back.

rawGROUP Hospitality is a market leader in managing a diverse range of hospitality venues. With venues ranging from restaurants, clubs & pubs and bottle shops, they’ve become a South-East Queensland Icon. ‘Beach House Bar and Grill’ is perhaps the most recognised brand, with eight stunning venues in South East Queensland.

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We’re breaking with tradition, and shaking up the world of payroll.

We automated time & attendance because payroll wasn’t meant to take all day. From when you clock in at work, to when you fill in your timesheet, and get paid.

  • Cloud-based scheduling and timesheets eliminates paper
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Tanda’s scheduling system lets you know who can’t work and why, giving you all the data you need to optimise your schedule.

Payroll Integration

1 click payroll integration means that Tanda works seamlessly with your pre-existing software eliminating those wasted hours of manually importing data into payroll. Read more

In-depth Reporting

Tanda’s in-depth reporting system allows you to view your wage costs, and to manage your finances accordingly.

SMS Schedules

Eliminate confusion and miscommunication with Tanda, as staff are easily notified of upcoming shifts via SMS and email, and updated of changes to theschedule as they happen.

Multi-approval Timesheets

Tanda’s multi-approval functionality means that multiple supervisors, in different locations can review and approve timesheets.

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