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"Rolling out Tanda in stores will allow our franchisees to efficiently roster & record team member’s attendance."

Nick Knight, AU & NZ CEO of Domino's (ASX: DMP)

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Domino's franchise stores are powered by Tanda...

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino’s) is an agile and forward-thinking company renowned for its innovative approach to food and technology, whether this be its delivery services or creating further efficiencies in the Company’s labour supply chain management.

Domino’s is leading the way for franchise success through its willingness to embrace and incorporate technological solutions in every aspect of the business.

The Opportunity

Domino’s was looking for a cloud-based system to automate its workforce management and empower franchisees with the correct tools to further grow their business and success. Prior to Tanda, Domino’s had been using an internally developed rostering system to manage 700+ stores and workforce across Australia and New Zealand.

Domino’s required a solution that would integrate with current business processes and systems, provide management insights and optimise efficiency gains, whilst improving the Company’s competitive edge.

The Solution

Through the API, Tanda is able to provide Domino’s with fully customised software that integrates into current business processes, and is tailored to Domino’s specific needs.

The software will deliver greater rostering efficiencies as well as time and attendance tracking. One such customisation will see an integration between the POS and rostering system, assisting managers to roster, based on projected sales for a given shift. Tanda will further empower Domino’s franchisees with a greater understanding and insight into labour costs. This will enable the Company to make smarter and more informed business decisions.

Tanda will provide greater visibility and insight for Domino’s Management into the daily workings of the Company, even if at times they can’t be onsite in person.

Read the full partnership announcement on our blog.

Overview of Domino's:

  • Industry: Quick Service Restaurant
  • Size: over 700 Stores, 20,000+ employees
  • Location: Australia & New Zealand
  • Type: Enterprise, 5 year partnership
  • Customisations: POS integration, sales suggestive rostering and employee app integration
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Time & Attendance software for franchise businesses

Tanda makes managing a franchise easy with insightful reporting, and the ability to set KPIs for store managers so that you can always be on top of your metrics without having to be there.

Insightful Reporting

Get the most from your operation, and use data to push profitability.

Set KPI’s across your team

Improve & measure productivity with up-to-date revenue and labour data.

Cut down on admin

Focus on the business strengths & forget about the boring stuff.

We’re breaking with tradition, and shaking up the world of payroll.

We automated time & attendance because payroll wasn’t meant to take all day. From when you clock in at work, to when you fill in your timesheet, and get paid.

  • Cloud-based rostering and timesheets eliminates paper
  • Stop time-theft, and generate automatic timesheets with electronic time clocks
  • Gain more in-depth insights into your business and process to help your grow your business

Franchise Software for all your needs...

Award Interpretation

Costed Roster

Import Revenue Data

Clock in


Tanda’s rostering system lets you know who can’t work and why, giving you all the data you need to optimise your roster.

Payroll Integration

1 click payroll integration means that Tanda works seamlessly with your pre-existing software eliminating those wasted hours of manually importing data into payroll. Read more

In-depth Reporting

Tanda’s in-depth reporting system allows you to view your wage costs, and to manage your finances accordingly.

SMS Rosters

Eliminate roster miscommunication with Tanda, as staff are easily notified of upcoming shifts via SMS and email, and updated of changes to the roster as they happen.

Multi-approval Timesheets

Tanda’s multi-approval functionality means that multiple supervisors, in different locations can review and approve timesheets.

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