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"It’s taken our pay run from half a day, down to one hour."

Peter Bradley, Payroll Manager at Pacific Paradise Bowls Club

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See what Peter from Pacific Paradise Bowls Club had to say about Tanda...

Pacific Paradise Bowls Club is a small lawn bowls club on the Sunshine Coast, catering for anyone looking for a good meal, great entertainment and free barefoot bowls on a Sunday. Tanda helps Peter to automate his timesheets for 30 staff, so he can focus on running a great bowls club.

“The Bowls Club has been here for 55 years, it was built by cane farmers and was pretty much the first building built in the suburb. We have a lot of locals who come down every week to play, eat and catch up. So providing first rate customer service is really important.”

“Before Tanda, our whole timesheet system was all done on paper manually. We had timesheets on a clipboard, and staff would all put their name and date on a page and fill it out. We would then have to put that data in manually. When you have 30 staff with split-shifts and late night shifts, it’s a big job.”

“We were looking for an easy way to do things like timesheets and payroll. Using Tanda alongside Xero has made our life so much easier for us when doing the weekly payroll. It’s taken our pay run from half a day, down to one hour.”

“I really like how Tanda and Xero work together. The whole process starts with the staff logging in and logging out of Tanda, then all we do is check it, approve it and export it to Xero. The whole process is just so simple, it’s been a godsend!”

Moving from an archaic paper timesheet system to something completely digital, did take a little getting used to. However the integration between Xero and Tanda streamlined the whole process for Peter and his payroll team.

“There was some coaching and training involved to set Tanda up and get your head around it all. But it was all pretty smooth sailing. It’s easy to train people up in the system. So if someone takes maternity leave like one of our payroll ladies did, I can quickly train someone else to take on her role.”

“My advice to anyone considering Tanda is- do it! If you’re still doing it the old way, I would highly recommend changing to the new way with Tanda. It saves time, it’s efficient, and once it’s up and running, it’s a dream!”

Pacific Paradise Bowls Club is a lawn bowls club located on the Sunshine Coast (QLD, Australia), known for great food and entertainment. At 55 years young, the Club is one of the oldest buildings in the area and has remained a favourite for locals on a Sunday.

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