The launch of Tanda Cognitive Schedules™

The future of intelligent workforce planning.

Currently in Beta. Contact us for more information.
Powered by 28 Million+ hours of scheduled shifts

Launching cognitive prediction of roles, rates and people.

Automating Decisions

Automatic allocation of labour based on your business constraints.

Iterative Shift Filling

Test millions of scenarios for every schedule, to find the optimal solution.

Machine Learning

Always improving by self-learning from your past schedules & changes.

Use Tanda to cognitively build schedules for you.

Connect Cognitive Schedules™ to your existing schedule templates for predictive suggestion of your staffing requirements.

Unleash the power of smart algorithms and proprietary logic to weight employment types, pay rates, age, skill level of staff and much more to fulfil workforce requirements.

How it works:
  1. Managers build schedule templates of times and roles that require staffing.
  2. Cognitive Schedules™ will run multiple scenario testing against your qualified data inputs to suggest an optimal output.
  3. Managers check results and publish schedule to staff.

Workforce Benefits

Focus your Managers

All of your managers want to be top performers and we can provide the assistance to do this. Cognitive Schedules™ takes care of labour resource allocation using multiple constraints.

Unlock Productivity

With the objective of generating major productivity gains for your business, Cognitive Schedules™ is a unique stand-alone solution, using advances in programming, artificial intelligence, cloud delivery and interfacing with other data sets, to automate and optimise labour resource allocation.

Smarter, Better, Faster

Harnessing the power of in-built machine learning capabilities, Cognitive Schedules™ becomes a more effective management tool over time as it builds a database of knowledge about what works for your business.

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