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Brexit Business Impact: How to Future-proof your Trade

Major uncertainty has hit the United Kingdom since the 2016 Brexit referendum. This is despite few real changes in legal status, regulation, or tariffs so far. In the past two years, UK and EU citizens followed the development of the withdrawal agreement. This agreement will determine what comes next for both parties. But things are […]

Happiness and Healthcare: Why UK’s healthcare workers need a morale boost

The UK’s healthcare market is one of the largest in the world, collectively being worth £167 billion ($221 billion). The National Health Service (NHS) alone employs 1.7 million people, making it the biggest employer in the UK, and the fifth biggest employer in the world. But healthcare is notable for another statistic: it is one of […]

What You Need to Look for in Payroll Software

Payroll software takes away the hassles of manual calculation of each employee’s pay. It drastically cuts down processing time and errors, which means that your staff always get paid for the right amount at the right time. A quick Google search for “payroll software” shows that there are tons to choose from. But what exactly […]

Why Fingerprint Scanners Don’t Work for Time and Attendance

You think fingerprint time clocks are the best tools for tracking employee time and attendance? Think again.

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