Top 3 Leave Management Problems of Businesses

17 October, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Employees do take time off work. That is why leave management is an important part of the business.

It’s a tricky process regardless if you have five people or five hundred people on your team. This is especially true if you’re still using old-school methods such as using paper forms or Excel spreadsheets for leave management.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the top three problems that occur with leave management, as well as how we can solve them with software.

Problem #1: Difficulty for Employees to File Leave Requests and Finding Out Their Leave Balances

You can be barraged time and time again by your employees not only to request for time off but also to ask how much leave time they have left in a year. This can take you away from your daily tasks, costing you valuable time.

When employees can’t see immediately their leave balances, it’ll make it difficult for them to file requests. This can frustrate them, leading to increased job dissatisfaction.

Problem #2: Employers Finding it Hard to Approve Leave Requests from Multiple People

From time to time, two or more employees will request for a leave for the same day. Obviously, you cannot let all of them take time off at the same time. But who should you approve?

For you to make the right decision, you’ll need a lot of information. You’ll need to know the reason why they are filing for leave, upcoming personal events (such as birthdays), and which shifts will clash with their time off.

Problem #3: Payroll Errors

Manually processing employee leave has a huge impact on payroll processing. Some employees are entitled to both paid and unpaid leave, which means that you have to take that into account come payroll time. And sometimes leave forms can be misplaced, making it easy to miss come payroll time.

These mistakes can affect both the bottom line and your employee’s paycheck. It can make you pay someone for time off they haven’t earned. It can also lead to you deducting someone’s pay for time off they’ve earned, which can harm your relationship with that employee.

The Solution: Cloud-Based Leave Management Software

You can overcome the challenges that come with managing employee time off with cloud-based leave management software. Switching to it allows your business to automate the process, reducing the overall time spent for filing and approving leave requests, as well as updating leave balances.

When considering getting leave management software for your business, choose those that simplify things for everyone. Look for a system that lets employees know their up-to-date leave balances before even filing their request. Finally, make sure that the software also integrates well with your payroll system to streamline pay calculation.

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