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Episode #2 analyses the Fair Work Five, top causes of employee underpayment

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What Employers Can Learn From Fair Work’s Recent Action Against Coles

The Fair Work Ombudsman has accused Coles Supermarkets of underpaying 7,812 workers $115 million dollars between 2017 and 2020. Most of the staff were managers who were salaried workers, and responsible for a department within a Coles supermarket, such as the bakery or customer service. Fair Work alleges that Coles paid these salaried employees wages […]

Understanding Labor’s Proposed Gig Economy Crackdown

Uber, Deliveroo, and other companies in the gig-economy have drawn controversy in recent years for their use of contractors. Currently, the Fair Work Commissions’ remit only extends to employees, not contractors. In practice, this means that contractors don’t receive the vast majority of the rights and entitlements that typical employees receive.  Federal Labor believes that […]

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