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Announcing the brand-new Rosters upgrade — the world’s most comprehensive staffing tool.

Here’s why, what, and when it will happen. So why the upgrade? Building rosters is the cornerstone of staff management. Since Tanda started in 2012, our customers have created more than 59 million shifts, almost 550,000 rosters, and more than 7.5 million timesheet exports. That’s a lot of mileage for seven-year-old technology. And it’s done […]

Three ways to run a perfect shift (that aren’t clocking in and out).

Communication leads to perfection. SMS, calls, FaceTime, face-to-face, WhatsApp, and time and attendance (T&A) all have one thing in common. They are used to send and receive messages. The communication gets especially more complex with T&A. Whenever you log in, you build and publish rosters. You ask for staff details during onboarding. You receive leave […]

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