Introducing the time off daily digest email

20 April, 2018 Renée Mellish

Introducing the time off daily digest email

Keeping track of when your staff can’t work is crucial, particularly to make sure your business won’t be understaffed on any given day.

At the moment you likely have casual staff entering the times they can’t work via unavailability and part-time / full-time staff requesting time off via leave. Currently these are two separate features, on two separate pages with separate emails sent to managers. However they are both times staff can’t work so we don’t think it makes much sense to keep them split up like this.

Introducing the time off daily digest email

Now, managers won’t receive separate emails for unavailability updates and leave requests, instead they will receive one email per day. This email will detail any updates to staff unavailability and leave whether that’s new entries, updated ones or new leave requests.

We believe that by combining leave and unavailability updates into one email it makes it easier for managers to keep track of exactly when staff can’t work and figure out if they are going to be understaffed on a certain day.

How it works

Once per day, an email will be sent to the recipients specified in the time off settings in your account.

This email will list any new or updated time-off requests or unavailability entries. If there is an action managers need to take i.e. on time-off requests which require approval, there will be a big green action button below the request but for unavailability where there is no action there will just be a link.

If there are no updates to leave or unavailability on that day, no emails will be sent.

Before (2 separate emails sent at different times):

After (both unavailability and time-off in 1 email):

Time off updates, sent once daily and combines both leave and unavailability information.

In the future we will be taking things further to combine these features, taking the best bits of both. Read about our plans for Tanda time off here.

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