The Three I’s of Data-Driven Workforce Management

7 September, 2017 Enrique Estagle

Data is the foundation of today’s digital revolution. Because of it, we are able to hail rides through a smartphone, find out what our friends are up to on a daily basis, and access content at any time of the day.

This revolution is also making waves in the field of workforce management. Through the power of data and digital technology, companies are finding ways to enhance the employee experience. At the same time, it is benefiting business owners as it also reduces the overall business costs.

The core values of data-driven workforce management can be summarized by the three “I”s:


Some of the key tech behind the data-driven revolution are cloud computing, the internet, and mobile. And because of it, workforce management is innovating at a rapid pace. Dedicated legacy equipment and software are being replaced with low-cost, flexible solutions that serve as platforms for data to be received and interpreted. Old-school punch clocks are giving way to tablet-based time clock software. Employee onboarding becomes easier as paper forms are replaced by web-based processes.


More devices are connected to the internet, which makes exchanging data easier. With the advent of application programming interfaces or APIs, different kinds of software are able to work together to do more tasks. Integration is reducing the time and resources needed for workforce management. Sales information from the POS can be used for predictive workforce rostering to help determine the number of staff needed at any given time.  


With more systems being integrated comes more data. This means that managers and business owners have access to insights that were not available before. Different types of data are correlated for better benchmarking purposes. At a glance, managers can track business revenue and labour costs in real time. This enables them to make decisions quickly, keeping up with their core metrics.

When considering a workforce management solution for your business, look for the one that is highly data-driven. Choose those that puts innovation, integration, and insight at the forefront.

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