Texas Employee Caught Faking Clock-Ins from Breaks

28 August, 2017 Enrique Estagle

As reported by KSAT, a municipal court employee at Texas resigned after an investigation found out that he was faking his lunch breaks at work.

Surveillance video caught the employee approaching the biometric time clock and moving his hand “as if he is scanning his fingerprint to clock out.” The employee returns an hour and seven minutes later to hold up his hand as if to clock in. The video then shows the same employee approaching the time clock station to officially clock in and out.

According to the investigation, he faked taking his lunch breaks 79 times since the start of 2017. After he was caught, the employee admitted that he did it to go shopping.

Upon his resignation, the court released a statement saying that “the City of San Antonio will not tolerate the theft of time by its employees, and any violation of an administrative directive by an employee is disciplined on a case-by-case basis.”

How to reduce this scenario from happening to your business?

It is clear from this example that devious employees are getting more creative in the way they commit time theft. This means that more businesses are prone to losing money from paying people for time they didn’t actually work.

Incidents like this can be reduced, as long as you follow these simple tips:

  • Regularly hold meetings to check up with staff, reminding them of the company’s policies on attendance and breaks
  • Place time clocks at areas where a lot of people are present at any given time. This increases accountability and prevent employees from buddy punching and other forms of time theft
  • Eliminate manual processes for time and attendance. Switch from paper-based timesheets and Bundy clocks to cloud-based employee time clock software

When picking the right time clock software, look for features that reduce time theft incidents. Choose those that have a photo verification feature to confirm that the right employee clocked in and out at the right time. In addition, select the time clock software that allows managers or business owners like you to view in real time which employees are in and out of work, as well as those that are on their scheduled breaks. With a more instant and transparent time and attendance system, time theft can be avoided and you pay staff fairly based on the hours they actually worked.

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