PaySure by Tanda

Tanda’s PaySure compliance series lifts the lid on pressing industrial relations issues affecting corporate Australia.  The series examines payroll compliance topics that have big impacts but little awareness – helping you get across important regulatory changes in less time.

Meet your host:
Andrew Stirling

Andrew Stirling is the Head of Product Compliance at Tanda. Prior to joining Tanda, Andrew was a Managing Associate at Allens where he spent 12 years practicing Industrial Law. Andrew is a Director of the Association of Digital Service Providers Australia and New Zealand, and is working with the Attorney-General’s Department on its award compliance technology working group.

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Casual Conversion
S01 E01 Oct 21

What our data and customer conversations reveal about the casual conversion process.

The Fair Work Five
S01 E02 Nov 24

Avoiding the Ombudsman's top five causes of large corporate underpayment disclosures.

Annual Salary Traps
S01 E03 Dec 08

Why paying annual salaries can lead to underpayments and how to avoid the traps.

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