The Tanda Mobile app

The brand new mobile app that will help you and your staff manage attendance, schedules, and much more.


Staff rostering on the go

  • Attendance in real time
    See exactly which staff are working and where they are.

  • Shift-swapping in a snap (coming soon)
    Manage open shifts and let available staff bid on them.

Leave and unavailability management

  • Oversee requests
    Staff can create and edit leave requests right from their phone.

  • Know when a staff member is unavailable
    Keep track of staff unavailability, especially when they are away regularly.

  • Stay posted on staff schedules
    Leave and unavailability are always synced in your calendar.


Staff communication made easy

  • Never miss an update
    Staff receive push notifications for any published or changed shifts.

  • Keep everyone in the loop
    Shift details can also be sent via SMS and email.

Put the roster in everyone's pocket!

How it works


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