Get help instantly with the new Tanda help menu

18 July, 2016 Renée Mellish

At Tanda, we work hard to provide high quality help and support both from our internal support team as well as in our online help site. We want to make sure you can get the answers you need as quickly as possible without having to go search for them. For this reason we have added an internal help menu to be always accessible right from the Tanda menu bar.

This is not just a link to our help site, instead the help menu contains links to articles and videos that are relevant to the page you are on.


For example if you need help while on the timesheets page, instead of going to our help site and searching for the article, you can simply click the icon and see all relevant help articles straight away.


Our help site will still be available but this is a way that we can provide you with instant support without you needing to go look for it.

If you have any feedback on this feature or if you have any suggestions for future improvements we can make we would love to hear them at

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