Sync your Tanda data with your reporting tool – Power BI, Tableau, Excel and more

SyncHub automatically connects your Tanda data to your BI reporting tool, allowing you to build custom reports which are comprehensive and always up to date.

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Keep your reports and forecasts up to date. Always.

Having your Tanda data automatically syncing into your reporting tool removes the need for manual import-export and copy-paste. This means improved efficiency, less human error and more reliable reports. And for even deeper insights, you can sync and overlay data from your other cloud software too.

More Information:

SyncHub Website

How Tanda works well with SyncHub

Get greater insight

Run advanced reports and analytics beyond the reporting already available in Tanda.

Build comprehensive reports

Access all your Tanda data, including clock in, shift, location, schedule, timesheet and more.

Synthesize all your data

Create reports that incorporate Tanda data with that from other sources for deeper insights on the state of your business

How To Get Started

Step 1:

Connect your data source

Create a SyncHub account and connect it to Tanda.

Step 2:

Let your data sync automatically

SyncHub incrementally syncs your data and stages it in a managed data warehouse. SyncHub will continually check for changes so you don’t have to.

Step 3:

Connect your preferred reporting tool

Use reporting tools like Excel, Tableau or Power BI to connect directly to your data and build sophisticated reports and dashboards. No more manual importing-exporting.

Ready to Get Started?

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