Automate reporting and forecasting with Tanda + Savvy

Increase productivity by automating your data with Savvy Reports

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Do away with spreadsheets and manual work

Savvy Reports increases productivity, reduces human error, and automates the process of reporting and forecasting for business owners. Connect your Tanda account to quickly make informed decisions.

Connect your Vend POS for real time sales data.

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How Tanda works well with Savvy

Integrate seamlessly in real time

Transform your Tanda data into highly visual and easy-to-understand reports in real time with Savvy Reports.

Consolidate and blend data

Savvy Reports consolidates data and allows users to create custom reports, dashboards, and forecasts.

Decide with data

Automated data trends and forecasts. Make it quick and easy for business owners to make decisions from data to ensure growth and profitability.

How To Get Started

Step 1:

Connect Tanda to Savvy

Integrate your Tanda account with your Savvy Reports account

Step 2:

Process Information

Savvy Reports consolidates data and allows users to customise reports, dashboards, and forecasts based on your Tanda data.

Step 3:

Predict Staffing Targets

Through Tanda’s Projections Table, automatically set staffing targets for your business. Use Tanda and Savvy to never be over- or under- staffed again.

Step 4:

Track Profitability

Track labour costs and revenue as they fluctuate throughout the week through Tanda’s Weekly Planner widget

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