Funny Tip Jar Ideas for your Restaurant
By on Operations | Last updated on 2 August 2018

The importance of tips in the restaurant industry, especially in the United States, cannot be understated. Restaurant tips are known to make up the bulk of a server’s salary which makes it plain to see why it’s so important.

This is why more and more restaurants have resorted to tip splitting methods to make sure each of their employees get a piece of the tipping pie so to speak.

Tips are usually given to the front of house staff by customers after their meal. These tips are then split amongst all the workers after dinner service. This makes it a must for both the waitstaff and kitchen staff to be at their best and offer great service for a bigger pool of tips. But happy customers with open wallets and credit cards ready to reward great service after a meal are not the only way to go about receiving tips.

The tip jar is one of the most popular alternatives.

Tip jars are said to have existed hundreds of years ago. A 1946 editorial in Life claimed that English taverns used to prominently display urns that were labelled ‘To Insure Promptitude’. This is said to be the first ever recorded sighting of a tip jar.

Sure enough, tip jars are still being used today, especially with the introduction of digital tip jars. This is where customers leave credit card tips by inputting their desired tip amount into payment terminals in establishments.

But is cash still okay to use for tips you ask? Physical tip jars that allow you to receive cash tips are still very popular today, especially in the United States. According to a few studies, cash is still very much a preferred mode of payment for employee tips due to the following reasons: 1) It’s fast money and 2) It’s income you can use right away. This makes cash a big hit with all kinds of service staff regarding their wages.

Alas, even though physical tip jars are still widely used, it’s a whole other story to get people to actually drop cash in these jars. Your tip jar has to be able to catch your customer’s eye or tickle their funny bones enough to get them to want to support your business and support your staff as well. Take a look at these funny tip jars that you can use!

Offer to help your customers with their troubles.

Be honest with your customers about needing help with your passion.

Your customers might appreciate a little self-evaluation.

Get your customers to engage in healthy debate.

Here’s a tip. Song lyrics are always a hit.

Give your customers a little history lesson

Get your customers to contribute to a cause they believe in.

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Sometimes a little toilet humor can help.

Your customers can help save a life

Finally, your customers can also help fund scientific research

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These are just a few quirky tip jar ideas that will help your customer think about giving you their loose change. With just a hint of creativity, you can help increase your tip pool to be split amongst your employees. Got a funnier tip jar idea? Send us your ideas on Facebook!