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Episode #1 tackles casual conversion coming November 3rd.

Millennials and Beyond: Managing the Workforce of the Future

millenials and beyond ebook

About this eBook

By 2025, most Baby Boomers will retire and Millennials will make up the largest percentage of the global workforce. The next generation, dubbed Gen Z and born between 1997 and 2012, have also begun to enter the workforce. The workforce dominance of Millennials and the entry of Gen Z in the very near future is going to create significant changes in the way companies do business. There is an urgent need to create a workplace experience that meets the needs of future employees. In this Tanda ebook, we will compare Millennials with Gen Z: the challenges they face, the impact they will have on the economy, and how to make sure employers are ready to manage the workforce of the future.

What's inside

More than 10,000 clients globally

A movement dedicated to a better employee experience

“I certainly recommend Tanda, it has created a far more professional and thorough system for myself and my management team.”
Paul Mondo
Bimbi Day Care
“Tanda is the most user friendly out of all the platforms we’ve reviewed.”
Ebony Harty
Betty's Burgers
"Using the platform, each manager would have saved about 2-3 hours a week. So the wage costs have dropped substantially as well."
Natasha Laidler
MyHealth Medical Group
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Casual Conversion: How to ensure compliance of casual and part-time staff