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Millennials and Beyond: Managing the Workforce of the Future

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About this eBook

By 2025, most Baby Boomers will retire and Millennials will make up the largest percentage of the global workforce. The next generation, dubbed Gen Z and born between 1997 and 2012, have also begun to enter the workforce. The workforce dominance of Millennials and the entry of Gen Z in the very near future is going to create significant changes in the way companies do business. There is an urgent need to create a workplace experience that meets the needs of future employees. In this Tanda ebook, we will compare Millennials with Gen Z: the challenges they face, the impact they will have on the economy, and how to make sure employers are ready to manage the workforce of the future.

What’s inside

  • Why Onboarding Matters
  • Great Onboarding: The Employer’s Checklist
  • Measure Your Program’s Success
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