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Episode #3 analyses salaried employees, a top cause of employee underpayment

Schedule L – Loaded Arrangement Form

Name of employer: _____________________________________________

Name of employee: _____________________________________________

Employee Classification/Wage Level: ______________________________________

Loaded Rate Range of Days: _____________________________________________

Loaded Rate Maximum Weekly Hours: __________

Loaded Rate Percentage: __________

Ordinary Hourly Rate: __________

Loaded Rate (ordinary hourly rate x loaded rates percentage): __________

Acknowledgement by Employer

The employer acknowledges that by entering into this arrangement, the employee must be paid the employee Loaded Rate for all hours up to the Loaded Rate Maximum Weekly Hours each week.

The employer acknowledges and agrees to roster the Loaded Rate Maximum Weekly Hours in accordance with the Loaded Rate Parameters defined in clause K.6 of Schedule K.

The employer acknowledges additional payments will apply to work performed on days, or at times, beyond the scope of the Loaded Rate Parameters, or for allowances not specified in the Loaded Rate Parameters.

By entering into this arrangement, the employer consents to any dispute arising from this arrangement being settled by the Fair Work Commission through arbitration in accordance with clause 40 – Dispute resolution and section 739(4) of the Act.


Name of employer representative: ________________________________________

Signature of employer representative: ________________________________________

Date signed: ___/___/20___

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