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Goal Setting for Great Performance

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The Template


– Increase sales by motivating sales staff to increase productivity. [Success: Quality customer contacts increase]

– Increase productivity by setting incentives for sales staff to work towards. [Success: weekly/ monthly targets are achieved more often]

– Improve the company’s image by providing consistently great customer service. [Success: average customer spend increases]

– Upskill employees to improve productivity: skills programmes or short courses. [Success: work gets done quicker and less time is spent on figuring out how it should be done]


– Reduce overheads by sourcing the same quality materials at a lower price. [Success: Yearly reports show reduction in expenses, while goods returned have not increased]

– Reduce staff turnover by focussing on staff wellness and creating a positive workspace. [Success: Notable reduction in resignations and happier employees who stay loyal to the company]

– Upskill employees for advancement and retention: Long term programmes. [Success: Qualified employees simplifying processes and improving overall performance]

About this Template

Goal setting in the workplace is an important part of individual, departmental, and company-wide success. When employees achieve goals, they feel fulfilled and accomplished. It can also push them to work towards a promotion or pay raise. In general, goals should be:

  • Divided between short and long term;
  • Easy to measure;
  • Set against duties and tasks for specific jobs;
  • Developed from KPIs and KPAs as set out by the company; and
  • Aligned with personal aspirations, like promotions and job satisfaction.

As mentioned, there are 2 types of goals which could be focused on in business, namely, short and long term. Short term goals should be achieved within three to six months, while long term goals should be achieved within one year.


Once finalized, the short and long term goals should be appropriately marketed throughout the company. Make your goals visible by printing them out and hanging them in high traffic areas in the office. Doing so will keep your goals in mind during day-to-day operations.

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