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Equal Opportunity Statement

Being an equal opportunity employer means that [Company Name] provides the same benefits and opportunities for hiring and advancement to everyone without discriminating due to protected characteristics such as age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, and medical history.

[Company Name] is committed to making decisions using reasonable standards based on each candidate’s qualifications and business needs.

This statement includes the commitment to maintaining an inclusive work environment that is free from harassment.

Under this statement, no employee will face retaliation, such as harassment, intimidation, threats, or discrimination, in the event of their participation in any of the following activities:

  • Filing a complaint under this statement with the company, local equal employment opportunity agencies, or pursuing charges according to law;
  • Helping with an investigation or other activity related to the administration of any local equal employment opportunity agencies or any other law agency;
  • Opposing any act prohibited by this statement or local equal employment opportunity agencies or any other law agency; and
  • Exercising any other right protected by local equal employment opportunity or any other law agency.

Employees should immediately bring any complaint or retaliation under this statement to the management of [Company Name].

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