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Employee Duties and Performance Reviews

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The Template


Attached to the Offer of Employment is a job description outlining the responsibilities associated with the new employee’s position. This document will be used to evaluate performance, during both the probationary period, and afterwards. If the employee is unsure of its contents, his/her manager must be available to explain it.

From time to time, it may be necessary to amend an employee’s job description. These amendments will be discussed with the employee in advance. However, the final decision on implementation will be made by management.


The performance review process is set out below and provides guidelines for managers on how to lead their teams and assess an employee’s performance.

These performance management processes are in place to:
– Ensure employees understand their job responsibilities and have specific goals to meet;
– Provide employees with actionable and timely work feedback; and
– Invest in development opportunities that help employees grow professionally.

To receive a good performance evaluation, employees should:
– Meet targets consistently;
– Complete job duties as set out in their job descriptions;
– Show a willingness to learn and improve;
– Follow other company policies;
– Have a good attitude; and
– Be a team player.

To maintain employment at [Company Name], employees should meet a minimum standard and show a willingness to improve where needed.

[Company Name] conducts [quarterly/ bi-annual/ annual] performance reviews. During the review, the employee’s direct manager will complete their performance evaluation report and arrange a meeting with the employee. These discussions should:
– Set clear objectives;
– Recognize employees who are good at their jobs;
– Talk about possible career moves and employee motivations;
– Identify areas of improvement and discuss training and development options; and
– Provide useful feedback.

During performance review meetings, employees should feel free to discuss any concerns they might have, or additional improvement they feel are needed to perform as desired.

Minutes of the meeting and key objectives will be provided to employees for their records.

About this Template

Include this template in your employee handbook to outline what you expect of employees, and explain how performance reviews will be carried out.

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